Do not believe the claims of those who believe that rabbits can do without drinking and that it is enough for the water contained in succulent vegetables and grass. Of course, they drink a bit, but the lack of water can lead to reducing appetite and as a consequence, to decrease of live weight.
Please note: the rabbit needs to drink depends on their weight, physiology, and level of reproduction. In addition, water demand is affected by type of feed, level of humidity indoors and temperature.
Poite rabbits only clean, settled water or buy a filter. In summer, the temperature of the water in the drinking bowl should be in the range of 18-25°C. In hot weather, pour into the bowl of water more than usual. In winter water the rabbits should be in the daytime, warming the water before doing this. Make sure that the rabbits drank the water before it gets cold.
Don't let your animals water from a river, lake or even a spring, as it could contain bacteria, salts of heavy metals or residues of fertilizers washed careless farmers directly into natural water bodies.
Pregnant and nursing bunnies should drink as much as possible, to exclude the possibility of the appearance of rabbits of various anomalies and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The younger generation-eared pour water at the rate of 100 ml water per 1 kg of live weight, in that case, if you give them dry food.
If you use avtopoilki constantly check how she was. But the owners usually rabbits prefer movable earthenware, plastic or galvanized bowls. However, these waterers quickly become dirty, turn over or fight. So attach your existing water bottle to the cage tightly. There are plastic drinking bottles-dropper, which is considered the most suitable, as they provide an uninterrupted supply of water, hygienic and less likely to change the water. The only drawback of the droppers – in summer the water is too very hot, and in winter to freeze and break trough.