You will need
  • - pliers;
  • - the wrench;
  • - line
To adjust the clutch cable, measure dimension a between the end face of the damper and the release shaft and the size In between the damper end and the cable terminal. Size And needs to be 81 to 91 mm, the size of 55-65 mm. when measured values differ from the norm, set them up using the adjusting nut of the cable terminal.
In the groove clutch find 2 nuts regulating the position of the pedals and screwed on the stud. The outer is a locknut. Unscrew it the entire length of the stud. Then, slowly remove the second nut, adjust the position of the pedal. After adjustment tighten the locknut while holding the adjusting nut with the key from the offset
Note that over time the friction linings slave drive is subject to wear. Because of this change exposed cable adjustment. The clutch pedal moves up, increases its full speed and torque setting of the clutch is shifted toward the end of the pedal stroke. This adjustment should be checked and if necessary adjusted.
Press the clutch pedal several times and verify that you installed adjustment do not get. If this occurs, check the tightness of the adjusting nut or locknut. Make sure that the thread on them is not disrupted. Also make sure that the free end of the release fork is in the range of 28-33 mm for clutch engine working volume of 1.4 l and 30-35 mm for the engine working volume of 1.6 L.
To check the adjustment, start the engine. The car thus should stand on level ground. Depress the clutch pedal to the floor, put it in first gear and start to slowly release the pedal. Accelerator not touch. Before the time of setting the clutch the engine will change revs – this can be seen on the tachometer and notice of the hearing. When the car starts moving – this will be the time of seizure.
Normal for most drivers is a secondary gripe, when the moment of starting, the car is in mid-pedal stroke. This adjustment is convenient when starting and driving in an urban environment. The top setting is in the area of ¾ of the pedal stroke and is convenient while shifting gears and driving at higher speeds.