You will need
  • - card reader;
  • - usb wire.
In order to move photos from mobile phone to computer, use a usb wire. Most often it is included in the basic package and is sold together with a means of communication. Insert the wire into the connector for flash cards on the front or rear panel of the system unit. Then connect it to the camera. On the screen you should see a new removable media and will open the optional menu. Select "transfer files to PC" or "new connection" or "connect to computer". Each model of phone its the symbol for this type of communication.
If the options window does not appear, open the folder "My computer". Look for the label on a removable device with the model number of the phone. Click on it. Look for the designation of the memory card (memory stick). Move the cursor and double click the left mouse button. The carrier will open.
Go to "My documents" and create a new folder where you will be transferred photos. Return to menu the phone's memory card, hold down the Ctrl key and simultaneously clicking on the left mouse button, select the photos you want. Then drag them to the folder you created.
If there is no usb wire, use device card reader. In most modern models of laptops and computers it is already provided. Remove the memory card from the phone. Find the appropriate connector on the computer panel and paste it there. Go to the folder "My computer". Find the popup label of the new removable device. Move the cursor and double click on it with the left mouse button. So you get into the menu memory stick and be able to transfer to the computer new pictures.