You will need
  • The camera is a camera, computer, USB cable or card reader.
Complete any digital camera you can always find a USB connection cable is required for photo sharing. What exchange can happen in both sides: as from the camera to computer and from computer to the camera. In the latter case, we use the camera as a repository for information. This is very useful if you, for example, no flash media, or it became worthless.

Therefore, in order to transfer your photos to your computer, we will use the connecting cable. One end of the cable (USB) is inserted into the corresponding Jack of the computer and the other end of the cable must be connected to your camera. Most often this connector is located on the side of the camera, under a protective rubber band, or on the bottom of the camera.

Now you need to turn the camera on for its definition and connection with a computer. Then you can easily upload your photos using the menu to Copy and Paste, or Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
On sale now, there are many modern devices, among them you can find exactly the thing we need. This card reader. Some computers when you purchase is already equipped with this device. In most models it also has in stock. Buy it is not difficult - the price is not high.

The principle of operation is very simple via USB cable connection, as for the camera, connect the card reader to the computer. There are models of card readers that do not require connecting wires, which are available in the form of a stick.

In the reader we insert the flash card that was removed from the camera. Next, the computer detects the device and you can use the same to read information from a flash card.