Use the mobile Internet, if you urgently need to upload a photo into your personal computer and you are far enough away from him. To connect the mobile Internet contact your operator. He will send you the settings on the phone relating to Internet connection and mobile email. Then upload mobile photos to your personal computer will be a piece of cake. But there are drawbacks, including relatively high cost of services and slow data transmission speeds. However, if you urgently need to send a photo to a friend, then this fashion is simply irreplaceable.
Use the Bluetooth connection. It is a universal way to download photos from mobile to laptop. Every modern laptop has Bluetooth. Enable this feature on your mobile phone, then activate it on the laptop. After this locate a mobile laptop and transfer files. To transfer files to a list, and not one functions on your search for "Mark several". After the list is generated, click "Transfer via Bluetooth".
Use a direct wired connection in order to upload photos from phone to computer. As a rule, necessary cords are in the configuration of the mobile phone. To download files, connect the cable to your mobile phone to your personal computer, in accordance with connectors. After that mobile will be automatically detected by the computer.
Go to the directory where your photos are stored and copy or cut them and move to a folder on your computer. Alternatively, the cable use a card reader. It must be purchased separately. Thus, the memory card of the mobile phone turns into a USB drive. It's no problem to upload photos to the computer.