Be persistent. Even if the girl at first rejects your advances, don't despair. Any girl can be made to attract the attention of a beautiful courtship and sincere feelings. "Beautiful courtship does not have to be expensive, but definitely romantic. Don't forget about the standard techniques like flowers, poems, romantic messages, but at the same time, remember that the more original will be your advances, the faster a girl will fall for you.
Try to put yourself in your relations to the leading position. None of the girls likes flabby adapts to men's. But, at the same time, be ready sometimes to concede. The girl would be nice to feel his power over such a strong man like you.
Do their promises. The girls are ready to fall in love with guys who live by the principle "the man said – man did". From such men emanates reliability, and you probably know that almost every girl dreams of that man was for her stone wall.
Don't lie to her, even if you want to embellish yourself in her eyes. Many girls can intuitively sense the lie, and all as one can't stand her. If you're caught in a lie, know that in her eyes you'll lose a lot of points. Deciding to fall in love with a girl, be sincere and open with her. Remember that girls are very important trust.
Do not forget about your appearance. Girls pay a lot of attention to their appearance, so they automatically notice all the flaws and advantages in your appearance. And the more there will be advantages, the easier it will be for a girl to fall in love with you.
On the way to the conquest of the girls is impossible to keep silent about, like sex. The girl finally fell in love with, have sex with you should be her source of not only physiological, but also emotional satisfaction. This nothing special is required – you need to listen carefully to the mood and be as open as possible for her.