Advice 1: How to fall in love with a girl

It is known that love does not come by invitation. And unfortunately, it is not always mutual. What if the girl is still in you, not in love? Psychologists advise to approach the issue thoroughly and in several stages.
How to fall in love with a girl

Stage one: information gathering & surveillance

First of all, you need to learn more about the mysterious person. Experts advise to think what you know about the beloved girl? Surely the love you've been drugged, giving a sense of euphoria, and time to think about it. Need to know what the girl likes and how to get involved. Aspirations and life goals is also very important. In addition, learning who she loves to chat, you can better imagine what the girl's personality. At this stage it is important to know every detail.

According to experts, it will help you understand how beloved you, because you can by mistake wishful thinking and to simply spend time in vain. In addition, it is much easier to act longer.
The more you have common views, the more chances to achieve the goal. The right topics of conversation and new ideas for surprises.

Step two: proper behavior

Girls love honesty. If you get caught in a lie, it is unlikely that you will develop in the future. They are attracted by generosity. Do not be greedy, indulge his darling, but in moderation. Care nicely and persistently. Girls like it when men are confident. But aggressiveness is manifest, of course, not worth it.
Run after the girl and be humiliated is also not necessary. Behave decently. You have to be strong and independent.

If you have any talent, it's time to show it. It certainly helps if you arrange everything in an unusual way. This time, she must remember.

Surprise your loved one with optimism and a sense of humor. About problems to date, not worth mentioning. The ability to laugh at themselves in a difficult situation - the most important quality that satisfies even the most selective lady.

If you want to quickly get it off, use the Internet. You can start to communicate with her in contact. Discuss school, activities, share interesting stories about your mutual friends. Just remember that nothing about any of them not to say anything bad, since it can only alienate the girl.

Fulfill their promises. To keep the word should be able every self-respecting man. Girls are delighted when they know how to listen. But we should not just silently nod, and to participate in the conversation. Carefully listening to the words, ask questions, let's get positive comments. Despite the fact that the days of chivalry have passed, every woman is nice to chat with gallant man who takes a hand and opens the door.

In conversation, girls are sensitive to words. If you are not satisfied with something, it is preferable to remain silent than to make sarcastic comments. Any woman like to think about the future and to see the partner, a potential husband, the father of her children. In the conversation you can casually mention that dream to create strong family and love children.

Advice 2: How to fall in love with a girl in school

To enchant a girl, you need to regularly to see her. And communication in the school is one of the best options to develop feelings. Because there you can meet very often, especially if you are studying in the same class.
How to fall in love with a girl in school
Try to stand out from the other guys. Do not smoke, do not drink, do not swear obscenities. At a young age, many people want to appear older and resorted to such methods. But a real adult and Mature man distinguished't quite do it. Be gallant towards his beloved. Help her put on the robe, open the door for her. If she has a heavy bag, help her bring things home.
Do not play a role, do try to become better and smarter. If you will be posing like a tough guy, she will see straight through you. Be natural, then you will have more chances to achieve a reciprocal feeling.
Always look tidy and neat. Try not to wear outrageous clothes, because you don't know what style you like your beloved. Look simple and stylish. You can wear jeans with a Polo shirt or sweater. But do not wear pants with the crotch at the knees or too tight jeans. It is not for everyone and often looks ridiculous.
Develop, become better than you are. Exercise, read a book. You need to stand out from the General mass a beautiful body and good knowledge. Then you will be able to earn the love of even the first beauty school.
Be a little cocky, but don't go overboard with feeling. Girls like strong and reliable men. Become for her a stone wall, behind which she can hide in any weather. If you are studying in the same class, help her on the test and its answers from the Board. Let her be written off, but occasionally asking for something in return. For example, to spend the evening with her or to walk her home. Don't be too arrogant, but to become a humble servant is not worth it.
Find out her tastes that you have always been a topic of conversation. You should not always humor her, agree with her point of view. But you just have to know what she lives.
Try to spend as much time as possible, but don't turn into her girlfriend. Always be a person, a man who will support her in a difficult moment, but do not impose it constantly.
Useful advice
To know the girl better, talk to her friends.
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