To start become her good friend. Generally, girls share with your friends successes and challenges. And quite often, these problems concern relationships. In such moments, you can give the girl good advice, but at the same time in their favor. For example, to criticize her boyfriend, but only with caution. Tell her that you would never do that. And then give useful advice. This simple and clever way to elevate you in the eyes of the girls.
Try to see her as often as possible. The more often a girl meets a guy, talks to him, touches him, the more she thinks about it. The most important not to be boring and tedious. Try to cheer the girl. Not meit is important to understand it.
Invite her on a date. But don't forget all Zaraher to prepare. This walk should be romantic and memorable. Weather for the walk must be good and the mood must be at the level of the maximum. The walk must be some kind of twist. The surprise must be a certain mystery to the girls. The surprise can be even a plush toy of small size. Having a romantic walk such a gift, the girl even more will think of you. On this tour you can kiss a girl on the cheek.
Inviting a girl regularly, you will achieve what she will think about you more than her boyfriend. And after some time she will realize that she's better off with you.