Don't make mountains out of molehills. In any situation try to appreciate what is happening. Be careful what you think. How often have such momentum as "always" or "when it finally" flashed in your head? If, instead, you will think "it's not so bad" and "I am stronger than these circumstances", then everything will begin to seem easier, and you'll get rid of the excitement.
If you have a problem, first try to think about it yourself, and then share with others. How often, passing friends the information that you yourself is terrifying, you see on their faces the same reaction? They begin to sympathize with what I hear from you, and it can be exaggerated or misunderstood the situation. You, meanwhile, fully affirm that only what is presented to them, even if they know it's a little exaggerated.
When you are in a difficult situation, to calm down, try to present the problem as incomprehensible tangled knot. If you are nervous, the knot is tightened. When you are calm, it relaxes, you have a chance easy to untangle.
Control your gestures. Do not shout and do not run from corner to corner. Speak slowly and move smoothly. Try to look unperturbed, and will not notice how really calm down.
Many people engaged in problem solving, prevent external stimuli. They would easily cope with the task, if he managed to get rid of them. Some are not able to think in silence, others it bothers you. It is nearly always possible to leave the circumstances that annoy you themselves to get away from them to make the right decision. For example, if your thoughts impede conversations and household noises at your home, you can stroll through the Park and there calmly assess the problem.
To gain more confidence in your abilities, remember the times when you successfully coped with stress or external pressure, didn't lose control and kept his cool. All situations in which you were at the height of your achievements. They can give the most important – confidence in their abilities. You will be able to remain calm, if you think that you know how to do it.
It's hard not to be nervous, if you are tired. Every man, if he didn't get enough sleep or is hungry, can sometimes be irritable. Make sure that the body was comfortable, then the consciousness will be clear. Moderate physical activity is this helps.
Calm breathing – something for everyone in a difficult situation to pull yourself together. When people give in to emotions, his breathing is broken, it becomes irregular, shallow and infrequent. Start smoothly and breathe deeply and notice what thoughts become clear, and emotions began to be verifiable.