Advice 1: How to be indifferent to everything

To be indifferent is sometimes difficult, but it can be learned. It is important to always soberly assess the situation and define their place in them, and also to distinguish the important from the unimportant.
To maintain indifference is not always easy
Learn how to soberly assess any situation and find ways out of them. Don't panic, even if it was something terrible. Calm down and think it over. There are no hopeless situations, always remember this. If the issue did not happen right away, in time, forget about it, and then remember and look at everything with fresh eyes.
Define your priorities in life. Make a list of what is really important to you: family, work, health, home, school, and so on. Everything else can be called secondary. And if something for you is not important, then you should not worry about that.
Always think about the fact that at any moment everything can change. This means that what scared you and forced to survive, tomorrow can become unimportant. And why take everything to heart? Also convince yourself that all that is done and happens for the best. So accept what is happening and be sure that must be so.
To become indifferent, you must learn to ignore everything and not think about the bad. Do not pay attention to the details, even if they bother you, angered or annoyed. Highlight only the most important and important. And understand that most of the problems and troubles you are far-fetched. Chase away bad thoughts, do not jump to conclusions, do not tune in advance to the adverse outcome of the situation.
Learn to look at the situation from the side, imagine that you are watching a movie and are one of his heroes. This method will allow you to always remain calm and think objectively. Soon you'll cease to focus on their feelings and experiences and begin to see the big picture, not disappointed over small things.
Indifference is neutrality whenever possible. Don't take sides, do not occupy a particular position. Do not engage in foreign disputes and not to support anyone who to you is irrelevant. Do not engage in conflicts, it is useless.
If you want to be indifferent, learn to control your emotions. Remember that tears and screams to prove anything or to fail. And in some situations, the opponent specifically provokes you and is waiting for the reaction. Ignore provocations, keep calm. If you start to get nervous, count to 10 and breathe deeply several times.
Do not aspire to complete indifference, you're a human with feelings, emotions and thoughts.
Useful advice
It is better to show indifference when it is needed and not in all situations.

Advice 2: How to become indifferent to everything

Indifference is not a good human quality, but people who take everything to heart, will not prevent a modicum of composure. If you do not have congenital indifference, you can develop this quality.
How to become indifferent to everything
If you've decided to develop his indifference to all that surrounds you in the first place you must learn self-control. In what situation would you get, try not to panic, but to soberly assess the situation. When a person gives vent to emotions, he's capable of very little trouble to inflate a disaster. To get rid of extra excitement, set yourself up for positive thoughts and understand that you are a lot stronger than you think, so will be able to cope with all problems.
If you encounter any trouble, imagine that will be able to get rid of them on their own. No need to tell all your friends, acquaintances and relatives, as they may further aggravate the situation and to impose to you the opinion that your troubles are unsolvable global problem.
As soon as you appeared before the arisen difficulties, focus on them and imagine them in a tight knot, which is tightened even more when you start to get nervous and to panic. If you remain calm and indifference, this node is gradually starting to weaken. Set yourself that your life is in your hands, and everything that happens in it, you fully can control and radically change for the better. Remember that not your emotions to control you, and you them.
Your indifference should begin not only with your internal state, but also with your facial expressions. Learn to precisely control his movements and gestures. No need to panic, it is best to try in any situation to keep a cool and calm facial expression. The surrounding people begin to understand that you cold - blooded people, and their opinion will start to change your.
You will not be able to remain calm and treat things with indifference, if you are tired and feel weakness, discomfort. Carefully keep track of your routine and do not let the body to get tired. Timely rest will help you control your emotions, feelings and thoughts. Also, don't forget about healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
If you still feel an attack of excitement, try to calm down. This will help you breathing exercises. Breathe deeply, take deep breaths and make them no more and no less than one in 2-4 seconds. In addition, with stress and depression, helps moderate exercise.

Advice 3: How to be a girl Scorpio

Girl Scorpio very versatile. It can be different: unpredictable, fateful, contradictory, secretive. She may be beautiful or not beautiful, but her hypnotic gaze permanently etched in my memory.

The girl Scorpio can love or hate, but indifferent to it to remain impossible.
How to be a girl Scorpio
How to achieve girls Scorpio:

- tell her compliments (Scorpions susceptible to flattery);

- giving expensive and exotic gifts;

- by inviting her on a date, bring a bottle of expensive aged wine or a luxury bouquet of flowers;

- be interesting to talk to and show interest in everything what the girl says Scorpio;

- be romantic and sexy.
Mistakes that can ruin your relationship with the girl of Scorpio:

- call girl Scorpio jealousy. For example, to render attention signs with her for another girl.

This Scorpio will not tolerate ever since Scorpios are the jealous owners. Jealousy leads them into a rage and pushes to unpredictable actions.

- to argue with her and to criticize her;

- be greedy and stingy;

- to be shy, to grovel, to show weakness (girls Scorpios love strong and confident men).
To be with a Scorpio girl, you need to accept it for what it is:

- passionate and emotional;

sensitive and vulnerable;

- all prone to extremes;

hot - tempered, unpredictable and contradictory.
Under any circumstances don't make it the enemy. Female-Scorpio is vindictive and does not forgive insults.
Married with the girl of Scorpio can be either heaven or hell. Average is not given. If girl Scorpio really loves you, she will be loyal and devoted to you forever. She is willing to go to great sacrifices, to whom she is really attached, and to fight for him.
Scorpio woman becomes a punishment for those who do not found a way to approach her. But she is also a prize that goes only to the winner!
Scorpion woman looks down on those women who fit the role of a gentle woman and mother. But she is able to control his desire to dominate, perfectly playing the role of feminine creation. And does so with great elegance, than the signs in which (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is also present men's side.
Useful advice
Love horoscope Women Scorpion. Beauty women Scorpio has a pronounced mystical character. Scorpio seductive, self-confident and proud. But she has one secret desire. Woman-Scorpio relates to their gender, with some contempt. Her ridiculous their attempts to charm the beloved, to save her husband or Vorkuta over the child. She will never stoop to that.

Advice 4: How to be indifferent

Don't many consider heartless. However, the indifference helps to be impartial, to judge things without succumbing to emotions, and to load a large number of other problems that surround people on a daily basis. To be indifferent is not so difficult.
How to be indifferent

Imagine watching a movie

Try not to give what is happening around you events of great importance. Consider that all these processes are a part of a feature film. Imagine that your whole life is a movie. If you can look at the world this way, you will be free from emotions and you will see a more General picture. At the same time you can observe you have different emotions that are pushing you to participate in this film. However, you will only observe, but not to take them.

Stay rational

Try to hide your pride, beliefs and vulnerabilities. Your reaction to events happening around them should be limited to interest. Anger, defense, offense, and other manifestations should stay away. For most people, these actions may seem extremely difficult. For example, if someone encroaches on the system of human beliefs, there is a natural desire to protect them and defend their point of view. To remain indifferent, you must be as open as possible and to allow for the possibility of any development of any situation. If someone disagrees with you, tell him it's his choice and you respect him, but you remain with her.

Keep external calm

If you want to be indifferent, do not show their emotions with facial expressions or gestures. If you're extremely interested in, I can say about it, but don't look with wide eyes and an open mouth. Always keep a natural and relaxed body position as if you are sitting in a chair and watch a movie. Indifference does not imply lack of response as such. You will still need to speak, listen, and act, but not to take other people's words and actions to your account.

React to actions, not words

People endowed with enormous amount of emotion, even if it applies, for example, business. Don't focus on the words of a great value, watch what people do. This will help you to be not only indifferent, but objective. You will not give in to emotions, you will only respond to real action.

Communication, like a stranger

If you want to show their indifference to the concrete person, communicate with him as with a stranger. Do not raise it above the others, not give it more attention than others. You can still talk to him, but when the conversation ends, forget about the person a stranger. This conversation is especially effective if you see a person who you hated and who hated you. Aloof and indifferent conversation, in this case a more powerful weapon than showing any reactions. People will wait for a habitual reactions, and will not know what to do when you leave.
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