Learn how to soberly assess any situation and find ways out of them. Don't panic, even if it was something terrible. Calm down and think it over. There are no hopeless situations, always remember this. If the issue did not happen right away, in time, forget about it, and then remember and look at everything with fresh eyes.
Define your priorities in life. Make a list of what is really important to you: family, work, health, home, school, and so on. Everything else can be called secondary. And if something for you is not important, then you should not worry about that.
Always think about the fact that at any moment everything can change. This means that what scared you and forced to survive, tomorrow can become unimportant. And why take everything to heart? Also convince yourself that all that is done and happens for the best. So accept what is happening and be sure that must be so.
To become indifferent, you must learn to ignore everything and not think about the bad. Do not pay attention to the details, even if they bother you, angered or annoyed. Highlight only the most important and important. And understand that most of the problems and troubles you are far-fetched. Chase away bad thoughts, do not jump to conclusions, do not tune in advance to the adverse outcome of the situation.
Learn to look at the situation from the side, imagine that you are watching a movie and are one of his heroes. This method will allow you to always remain calm and think objectively. Soon you'll cease to focus on their feelings and experiences and begin to see the big picture, not disappointed over small things.
Indifference is neutrality whenever possible. Don't take sides, do not occupy a particular position. Do not engage in foreign disputes and not to support anyone who to you is irrelevant. Do not engage in conflicts, it is useless.
If you want to be indifferent, learn to control your emotions. Remember that tears and screams to prove anything or to fail. And in some situations, the opponent specifically provokes you and is waiting for the reaction. Ignore provocations, keep calm. If you start to get nervous, count to 10 and breathe deeply several times.