Find out why the spouse began to drink. Female alcoholism is just not developing. It only appears if the woman received (or, perhaps received) a heavy psychological trauma. Eliminate the cause and its consequences. And only then start to convince the wife to stop drinking.
Talk with her about the dangers of alcoholism as often as possible. But try to avoid accusations and insults. Your task is to convince her that she doesn't need alcohol. If you are convinced of this, it's time to treat. Most likely, without it not to manage, because the dependence is manifested not only on psychological but also on physiological level. And not to drink alcohol may be physically impossible.
Pick up a course of treatment that will cause you to have more confidence. At the moment there are a huge number of ways. That and acupuncture, and coding, and hypnosis, and conspiracies, and medication. Just do not count. But they help only if the man himself decided to quit drinking. To force a person (especially a woman) to give up alcohol is impossible.
If the result is not appeared, and the woman continues to drink alcohol, you should scare her. Pick up drops or tablets without taste and smell, which, combined with alcohol to cause unpleasant sensations. At the moment these medicines are many.
Quietly add her medication in food or drink. The next take alcohol wife will feel unwell. Perhaps this is the first time wouldn't stop her. But after some time she will understand that it is because of the alcohol her health is deteriorating.
Scare its consequences. Tell us about strokes, heart attacks and deaths caused by alcoholism. Describe in detail what awaits her if she doesn't stop drinking. Fear is a powerful tool in the fight against alcoholism. And if so, and it did not help, the chances that a spouse will stop drinking, very little.