You will need
  • pharmaceutical medications prescribed by psychiatrist.
Set a goal. Alcohol addiction often affects those who are living aimlessly. Tasks should be achievable. Raise the bar too high can lead to failure. Don't try to achieve everything at once, gradually and gradually move forward, not retreating or turning.
Then visit the psychiatrist. Own decision to quit drinking forever is great, but professional help is extremely necessary. Will prescribe medications that suppress craving for alcohol and strengthen the nervous system. For the treatment of alcohol dependence are used antidepressants, antipsychotics, nootropics. The doctor selects a course of therapy for each patient individually, taking into account peculiarities of the nervous system, mental state. If necessary you will be prescribed a course of psychotherapy, coding with the help of modern medicines.
If you have been taking alcohol for a long time, join a club of alcoholics anonymous. Among like-minded people who permanently quit drinking, you will be easier to stick to a sober lifestyle, this is especially true for those who have a circle of friends consists of drinking companions. Visiting the club, you will gain new friends who want to defeat alcohol addiction and quit drinking forever.
Avoid stress. If you are taking medications prescribed by a psychiatrist, and felt nerves or a desire to drink, visit your doctor again. The course of treatment will be reviewed, you will adjust the treatment, and within a short period of craving to drink will disappear completely.
Don't forget, even if you do not drink a sufficient amount of time, the intake of any alcoholic beverages may lead you to do the same, where you got so hard. Alcoholism is a chronic disease can achieve prolonged remission, but you cannot defeat him completely. One glass of beer, drunk after 20-30 years of complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages – is a road to the abyss.