To quit drinking, you should decide what exactly you want to do it. It is very helpful to write out on paper all the reasons why you do not wish to consume alcohol. It may be the desire to live soberly, happily ever after, the inability to waste time on booze and a hangover after her reluctance to blight the lives near and dear to people. Someone wants to prove to others and show by example that to stop drinking completely under his power. In any case, the reasons would all be different. The main thing that you clearly knew them. If you are unable to make such a list means that the desire to quit drinking you have a small.
Next is to avoid a situation in which you had to drink alcohol. It can be the birthdays of your colleagues, relatives and friends. At the same time avoiding the drinking companies, you will not be able to once and for all get rid of the addiction. You need to constantly remember why you don't want to drink. In addition, as a rule, the drink takes a huge amount of time. So take your leisure with something useful: foreign language courses, sport activities.
If in some cases you don't want to drink, feel free to refuse. Listen to yourself and your desires, and not to call most of your drinking company. Give up the booze in favor of communication. Of course, we should not immediately give up alcohol. Drink, if you really want, but only on the condition that you won't tomorrow sorry.
Drink alcohol as much as you want to drink, not as much as you can. Monitor the situation, think about whether you to get home, to undress, to sleep if you drink more than it. Passion your standards will not bring further joy and relief, and in addition, it does not make sense.
Be sure to define who you want to see yourself few years: a successful person or a degenerate alcoholic. Write on a sheet of paper and periodically re-read your setup. It is also useful to have before him the example of a person who successfully quit drinking. His living incarnation will give you strength in the fight against addiction. Besides, you hardly want to be worse and weaker than the other.