So, you are dependent on alcohol. You think that he makes you happy and fills your life with meaning. But you start to realize that it is a problem and want to quit drinking forever. It may be hard, but you will be able to recover from alcoholism, if you take a firm decision to return to a normal life.
The most important thing in the fight against alcoholism – motivation. Think about what happens to you after refusal of alcohol. Imagine, how much useful you can do. Your family will be happy, you will be able to find a good job or not lose the same. You will be able to save money for something useful instead of spending it on alcohol. In the end, you will be healthy and will not shorten their life.
Make a decision. It should be crisp, clear and unwavering. Prove yourself and all that you have become a strong person, do not lack willpower. From this point, you should forget about drinking forever. Narcologists and psychologists recommend to learn not only to banishing all thoughts of alcohol, and ignore them.
To make it easier to cope with addiction, please seek qualified help. Educated professionals (psychologist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist) to help you recover from this disease. If you have the last stage of alcoholism, it is best to zakodirovatsia through hypnosis.
If you are sure that you are able to cope with the problem, go for it! Refrain from communicating with people drinking. Often the person drinks just for the company itself not realizing what he is doing. Over time, this behavior becomes a habit that leads to addiction. If you have friends with whom you drink every time you see him, stop seeing them.
Surround yourself with loved ones. You need their support. Don't close yourself to yourself, otherwise you may relapse and start drinking from loneliness. Do something interesting, for example sports. A new hobby can help you to escape from thinking about drinking.
Be persistent. Doctors recommend patients to start a personal journal of recovery. For 30 days write down everything that happened, that is all interesting situations, happy moments and positive emotions. Write down what you have achieved this month that managed to make a good. You will have to compare my emotions received in a sober state with those which arose under the influence of alcohol. Believe me, you will see the difference and realize that you became much happier.
Don't doubt yourself. Every day remember your goal of living a healthy and full life, pleasing yourself and your loved ones. If suddenly you feel a strong desire to drink alcohol, remember how many days you have lived without this poison. Even if you're not drinking a few days is already an achievement, so there's no turning back. Move forward, and you will definitely reach your goal!