Accept the fact that it is impossible to force to give up drinking for your husband. Don't be one of those wives who continue to live with alcoholics, leaving the hope that the husband will eventually come around. In addition, the role played by pity for the once loved one. Even if we consider alcoholism a disease and the alcoholic a sick person, remember that person who doesn't want to be treated, and in what you not intended, does not deserve any sympathy.
Think about your future, how it will change as soon as you leave husband. You will have much less stress you will be able to deal with them, to spend more time with those people who you do care about. You may even be able to find new love and build a family life, which had long dreamed of.
Talk to your husband when he is sober, and tell him all your thoughts. Notify us of your decision, recall all the situations when you had to worry about him, to sacrifice their personal time, etc. Will be good if he realizes that all this time only to poison your life.
Complete your divorce. If a man refuses to pay, threaten him, anything. Then try to contact his relatives to help find her ex-husband, a new home.
Stop talking with your ex-spouse, as soon as he leaves your house. Change your phone number, install a new lock on the door. To leave her have not only you, but also the man who can suddenly change their mind and want to return back. Don't give him such a reason. It should be borne in mind that if he stop drinking and at least a year will patiently wait for your forgiveness, think about how to give a man a new chance, if deep down you still love him.