You will need
  • A Bluetooth adapter.
To transfer files to the phone with computer or laptop use a Bluetooth adapter. It can be integrated or separate external device connected to the USB port. Install the drivers for this Bluetooth dongle.
Search for matching files on the websites of the manufacturers of this device or mobile computer. Open device Manager and find the name of the Bluetooth module. Click right mouse button and choose "Update driver software".
In the new window select the manual installation option and select the folder in which you saved the downloaded driver files. Restart the computer to integrate the desired features into the Windows system.
Now turn on the Bluetooth adapter of the mobile phone. Make sure that the device is open to search. Locate the file on the hard disk of the computer. Click right mouse button and select "Send".
In the ensuing menu, select "Bluetooth Device". Wait until Windows search for available devices. Click "Update". After appearing in the list of your mobile phone, double-click on its name with the left mouse button.
Enter the password required to sync devices. Repeat the password in the mobile phone menu. Wait for completion of file upload.
If you need to transfer data from other mobile phone, open the folder that contains the files you need. Select one of them and browse for possible options.
Click "Send" and select "Send via Bluetooth". Wait until you find your desired phone, select it and click "Send". Enter the password for access to the second phone. Likewise, tell the rest of the files.