To send the file to the phone via infrared, we need the corresponding functionality of the phone and connected to the computer IR port. Include the port on your phone and send it to the computer port. If the IR port is installed properly, Windows will detect the phone as a neighboring computer. Sending the file to the phone via a right mouse button and a menu command "Send". In the opened submenu, select the "Nearby computer" and the corresponding phone signal confirm acceptance of the file.
The infrared ports do not give high speeds in the transmission of information and possess a small radius of action. For faster file transfer in a radius of several meters use a Bluetooth connection. We will need the adapter for the computer and the corresponding option in your mobile phone. After enabling the Bluetooth check for available devices and assign the computer and the phone paired devices. The further procedure is the same as when copying via IR port. Select the file, right-click, then "Send", then "Bluetooth Device". On the phone to confirm the reception of the file. The described method can be used to transfer files from another mobile phone.
However, the fastest way to send the file to the phone is to use a cord. To connect and control the phone apply specialized programs that differ depending on the manufacturer of the device. For example, for Nokia phones is a Nokia PC Suite program. Connecting a phone through this program, we will be able to copy files as easily as moving them from folder to folder by Windows Explorer. In addition, when you connect your phone via cord, you can select the interface "Removable disk" and copy files as on a normal flash drive. The files thus transferred directly to any folder in phone or memory card.
I hope that now you will not cause difficulties, the problem of how to send the file to the phone, and the need to pay money for content on your favorite mobile phone media files will disappear.