You will need
  • - cardboard or watercolor paper;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - a broad brush;
  • - ceiling moldings;
  • - furniture stapler;
  • film for food;
  • - paper adhesive tape;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Choose a suitable base on which you will collect puzzle. It should be firm enough that when you turn the finished puzzle is not damaged or scattered individual elements. Look at a box the length and width of the future of the painting and take the backing a little larger. As the basis of good thick cardboard, a piece of countertop or hardboard.
Assemble the pattern on the substrate. Now it needs to turn. If the picture is small or you have a helper, cover the puzzle with a sheet of cardboard or paper for watercolor. Firmly press the edges with your hands and flip pattern together with the substrate.
You can use a different method. Tape the finished picture to the base on which you collected, transparent film for food products. Wrap in several layers, without leaving any empty spaces. Flip the pattern and cut the tape down the middle from one edge to the other. Expand the edges and remove the backing.
Before you the reverse side of the puzzles. Apply PVA glue. For convenience, use a wide brush for painting brush or hair coloring. Carefully RUB the entire surface of the pattern. Don't worry that the glue will seep out. When dry PVA becomes transparent.
Attach the appropriate-sized sheet of heavy paper or cardboard to the back of the painting. So he stuck to uniformly cover the surface of the base on which was going picture. On top lay a heavy magazines or books and leave for a few hours.
To seal the reverse side of the picture of the puzzle can be another way. Use paper adhesive tape. Attach it across the surface of the collected pattern. Use caution not to move the elements of the picture. Under this option, the puzzles can already be inserted into the finished frame with the substrate.
Make a frame for the assembled pieces of the puzzle. Clear the dimensions of the resulting picture. Buy required amount of polyurethane ceiling plinths. Drawing floor pick according to your taste and interior.
Place the skirting in the mitre box and cut it at an angle of 45 degrees. Then the joints of the frame will look solid, like a real baguette.
Staple the ceiling tiles in the corners with a furniture stapler. Apply the finished product to the picture of the puzzle. Over the edge with glue and stick the frame to the picture. Rope for hanging pictures, attach the furniture with a stapler to the substrate.