If you do not have much experience in the Assembly, the maximum number of pieces in the puzzle should be no more than 500. Accumulating experience over time, you will be able to overcome and puzzles 10 000 pieces. Otherwise, you simply will not have the patience. Also do not just take a picture with a very complex image. Choose large pictures, for example: boat in the sea, car, cartoon character.
Before you pour the puzzle pieces and start to assemble it, prepare a piece of cardboard or plywood that will fit assembled puzzle, because the occupation is very long, so we have to ensure that during the breaks the puzzle did not move.
The first stage – placing the frames. Select from colorful heaps of parts that go on the edge – they have one or two sides completely smooth. This step is the easiest
Then usually get up to a standstill. From painstaking to sort through the pieces to find what you need, you will lose a lot of time, effort and patience. That doesn't happen with you take a few boxes or cans and place them parts of the same color, or belong to the same fragment.
By grouping items according to some basis, start putting some fragments. Collecting 1 fragment, preferably to move to the adjacent portion of the puzzle. Thus, moving from fragment to fragment, you will not notice, as before you will emerge the whole picture.
Collecting puzzle, you probably won't want to put it back in the box. Here are some ways to stick piece by piece on a big sheet of paper to cover the top with clear glue or tape. To draw a picture you can insert into a standard frame with a Mat. But, most likely, to find a ready-made frame you will not succeed. Refer to the framing workshop, providing them with information about the width and height of the mosaic. The cost of such frames together with the glass varies from 300 to 500 rubles.