You will need
  • - picture;
  • frame;
  • - cardboard;
  • glass;
  • gun-Framer;
  • - subframe;
  • - furniture stapler.
For framing watercolors, first attach it to the back of the window Mat with masking tape. Mat is thick paper (cardboard), the center of which cut a symmetrical "window" square, rectangular or oval. Placed a Mat between the frame and image, serves to protect against the damaging effects of the external environment, protects the work from direct contact with the glass, and can also perform an aesthetic function.
Insert the front cover (acrylic or regular glass) into the frame, then place Mat, picture, backing-base (a sturdy piece of cardboard, holding a job) and firm heel counter foam Board or plastic.
With a pistol-Framer in the inner face of the frame hammer nails-needles so that they securely holds the Assembly components.
Drill with a drill on the back side of the frame a small hole and install fasteners, using which it will be possible to place a picture on the wall.
If you fasten in the frame the image is printed on canvas, use a frame, which will keep the painting taut. The subframe is called a frame, resembling the frame (normally made of wooden slats), which spanned the canvas. There are modular (the strips can be separated by using wedges) and hard (solid) subframes.
Stretch the canvas in the subframe uniformly, without bias, so that the direction of the threads of the canvas corresponded to the direction of the rails. You will need: canvas, furniture stapler, staples, and stretcher. The cloth should be more of the subframe a few inches. Pull it to the elastic state, to avoid sagging and wrinkles, and secure with a stapler. The work is very laborious, so try to find a partner.