You will need
  • - plywood;
  • shells;
  • - dried flowers;
  • glue.
For the manufacture of such panels you will need durable plywood about 1 cm thick, shells, broken in the form of long, narrow petals and dried flowers, dried leaves, flowers, stems and other things that can beautify your life.
To shell is firmly held on the base, attach them with hot melt from a glue gun. Prepare the surface for bonding of the composition – plywood sheet abrade with fine emery paper on the front side and at the ends, and then think of exactly how on the Board there will be flowers made of shells.
Select the background material, which will successfully complement the song – it can be a thick cloth of any natural shade, which should also match the color of your chosen frame, which is framed picture. Frame you can color his own, or choose a ready.
On the basis of plywood and fabric lay out parts of the future composition. Spread the petals are made of shells around the flower center, place the leaves and stems, determine where to place decorative elements – leaves, dried flowers and so on. Determine the location of the main and secondary figures in the composition.
Remove unnecessary items – do not overload a panel with too many elements. When you achieve the maximum harmonious appearance of your panels, begin to consistently stick to the basis of its elements.
Heat glue gun and glue the middle of the flower from which you will start building the overall picture. Each individual petal from the shells, place one or two drops of hot glue and attach the shell to the base about midway.
Then, trying not to move the previous petal, attach the following and so until then while the petals are made of shells do not form around the midway full circle. Then glue the stem and leaves of the flower and finally, minor decorative elements of the picture.
When the glue is dry, critical look at the picture and think, shouldn't be something to complement or modify it. Cut the elements outside of the picture and place it in a frame. Cover the shells and dried flowers with varnish for durability.