You will need
  • TV
  • centimeter/roulette
  • calculator
  • - manual
  • - Notepad and pen
To know the diagonal of your TV, you can use several ways. The first and most basic is to look in the instructions to the apparatus or even on the box. Right on the cover of the user's guide specified the brand of TV, model and its diagonal.
It happens that neither the box nor the instructions can not be found. In this case, accurately determine what TV presented to measure: CRT (TV CRT), LCD (LCD) or plasma.
If you have a CRT TV, then measure the diagonal it is necessary for the glass of the bulb. Just pull the cm from one corner diagonally to another. Record the result in centimeters.
LCD/plasma TV before measurement it is necessary to include. Get away from him a meter and a half, look fix extreme luminous pixels in the corners. The fact that LCD and plasma TVs, the image is enclosed in a small black frame around the perimeter of the TV. So the measurements should be carried out at the most distant from each other pixels.
Turning off the TV, walk up to him. Apply cm from one extreme of a luminous pixel diagonally through the screen to the other. Write down the result.
Produce the calculations. Diagonal TV or monitor is always stated in inches. To know the right size, divide the centimeters by 2.54 see the data the result will be the diagonal of your TV.