If you are studying in high school, but have already decided on the choice of profession and know that you will pass the exam for chemistry, try to enroll in a specialized class. Such specialized classes in the science subjects will be taught in depth. If this is not possible, tune in immediately for a serious independent work. Already in 10th grade (and better since the beginning of studying of a school course of chemistry) is necessary to make efforts to ensure that all required information has been learned in the system.
Strong knowledge is many things, but not everything you need to score high on the exam. Must pay attention to the possibility to quickly navigate in a variety of job types, to analyze alternative answers, to make a choice. You must also learn to argue your response a detailed explanation.
Even memorized the textbooks on chemistry are unlikely to give you the necessary level of knowledge. Therefore we must find and study the literature that will help you to understand and confidently explain how are organic and inorganic substances, how the composition and structure of materials affect their properties, what are the features of mutual influence of atoms in molecules and many more. It is very important to pay attention to solving problems and performing calculations on chemical equations, including combined.