The main purpose of the motherboard is working together, the CPU, RAM, hard drive, video card and other devices. It is through the individual sectors of the motherboard exchange information all the above devices. From the motherboard depends on the choice of other elements of the personal computer.Modern motherboard itself consists of a multilayer plate, groups of transistors and capacitors, the microcontroller and slots for connecting RAM, graphics card, processor and other devices. Chipset (microcontroller) combines the two "bridge", between which passes on the internal bus. The Northern bridge is required to enable communication between the processor, graphics card and feemi RAM. The South bridge combines an external device, PCI slots and hard drive. Motherboards differ in form factor. This facilitates the creation of new models of motherboards. Form factor includes the following features: the presence or absence of certain slots, the location of these slots, the options for fixing the Board to the system unit, the sizes of a payment and types of connectors used to connect power supply. It is noteworthy that the producers tend not to deviate from the conventional types of motherboards to ensure their products widely.It is worth noting that from the motherboard depends on the choice of the majority of the rest of the equipment. Video card and motherboard RAM have different connectors to the motherboard. The presence of a certain socket to install the CPU makes it impossible to add CPU types. Thus, the parent fee is not only a link between the PC elements, but also prevents the possibility of simultaneous connection of incompatible equipment.