You will need
  • - the Internet.
There are several ways to learn the size of the monitor. Primarily this can be done by looking at the documents. Is written in the passport model are diagonal. If passport is lost, then the size is also not to be. To do this in the search bar of any search engine whether Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, enter a name for your model. It is listed on the monitor. The search will offer you different online stores that are in the mandatory place characteristics and dimensions of the supplied equipment. Find your model and look at the size of the monitor.
Another way is to ask the experts. Via the Internet go to any forum dedicated to computer technology. Ask a question, putting the model of the monitor, and you will answer. Ask a question on the official website of the manufacturer. To do this, locate the desired site. Select it and send a mail to the support team. At the moment there are many such services on the Internet, which easily allow you to ask any questions and get full answers.
And you can use the old fashioned method. Take a ruler or a tailor's centimeter, measure the distance from one corner of the monitor to the other. Then turn centimeters to inches. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. There can be only a small error. Some manufacturers specify a diagonal for the outer corners of the monitor, the other domestic. Some advise to pay attention to the numbers in the name of any model. If the first digit is 9, then the monitor has a diagonal of 19 inches, 7 – 17. You can check whether this is so. In General we can say that the size of the monitor is not difficult, as all relevant information is possible without any problem to view online or documentation of the monitor.