To choose the right size TV for your home, which can have a diagonal of from 15 to 60 inches and larger, need to know the dimensions of the room in which the TV will be installed and arrangement of furniture in the room. In addition, immediately think of is the TV hanging on the wall, or stand on the stand.
If you know the future location of the TV in the room, you can calculate the diagonal of its screen based on the distance of the TV from where you watch it. TV diagonal should be chosen based on personal perception of the television image, but if you find this difficult, use the simple advice: the distance from the screen to the eyes should be equal to 5 diagonals of the screen. In other words, if the distance from the sofa to the wall where you will hang the TV is 4 feet, the optimal screen size for your situation will 81cm or 32 inches.
Also, you can use the rough table below to select the size of the TV (see illustration):
How to choose the size of the TV