You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - size chart of underwear.
Size of men's underwear can be defined in several ways. Be calculated on the basis of height and weight, but this method is fraught with many shortcomings. Usually not perfectly proportional people, therefore, it is likely that the shorts will sit on you is ridiculous, if they purchase, you will use this method. Also it should not be used with the method of measuring waist. After all, a rare man wears the pants at the waist and the circumference of the hips is not always the same as the waist, in this regard you can purchase lingerie smaller than you need.
The best way is to define the size of the bottom of men's underwear at the hips. For this you need to take a centimeter and measure the circumference of the hips at the most prominent parts of the buttocks. Now you need to remember the result and consult the table.
Typically, the size chart of men's underwear looks like this:S (46) - 98 cm,M (48) - 102 cm,L (50) - 106 cm, XL (52) - 110 cm,XXL (54) - 116 cm, XXXL (56) - 122 see Latin letters sizes listed are European sizes. Usually this marking is on imported linen. Russian manufacturers use the dimensions listed in brackets. This is a universal table, but sometimes it happens so that, for example, size "small" (S) or medium (M) of different producers differ by a few centimetres, so it is best to be guided by the tables in the size of the manufacturer, whose underwear you purchase.
If you received the result lies in the range between the two specified in the table sizes, it would be preferable to choose more. Spacious underwear much better narrow - it does not cause discomfort and friction. But it should not be abused and take the pants several sizes larger. Also don't underestimate yourself yourself and buying clothes several sizes smaller - too narrow and tight can cause blood stasis.