First of all, when choosing underwear for men you need to remember about male anatomy. Too high temperature of the testes disrupts the formation of sperm and reduces their number during ejaculation. The temperature of the testes should be 4 degrees lower than body temperature. The desired temperature in the scrotum is maintained automatically: in the heat of the scrotum droops a little, and the cold pulled up to the crotch.
Consider the age men, because it also affects the position of the scrotum: in older men it is located lower than that of men in the Prime of life. To preserve health is to avoid anything that leads to a temperature rise in the crotch, and some experts even recommend a daily rinse scrotum with cool water.
Spacious family briefs or boxers – the most comfortable underwear terms maintain an optimal temperature in the scrotum. Such briefs do not pinch the testicles to the body that gives them the ability to regulate its temperature. In a lingerie manhood is well ventilated.Bottoms and tight pants are attractive, but are comfortable to wear only in the first half hour, especially in summer. However, a fitted linen is appropriate when playing sports, it protects the scrotum from possible injuries – testes snug against the body and do not interfere with the man, for example, when running.
Body a piece of clothing that came in men's fashion from a woman's world, and appreciated by men. Bodysuit is a long underwear type tights, knee-length or below. This lingerie has all the advantages of boxers, and is very important during the harsh Russian winters.
Another interesting novelty in the world of men's underwear – the so-called VIP-briefs, or briefs on bones. They are made as women's bras, push-up, only with this case bone lift and tighten manhood, beautifully outlining this delicate part of the body in clothing. Of course, such clothes to wear is not recommended for the reasons outlined above, because in these shorts scrotum is squeezed, the temperature mode is broken, which can lead to tragic consequences.