You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
Remove the battery from the mobile device, and verify that the stickers with the logos of the CCC and Rostest. Also, when buying mandatory ask the seller a license for the sale of mobile phones of this manufacturer. If he refuse to give her any reasons not to buy the phone in the store.
It is equally important to verify compliance of the IMEI code is registered in the phone system, the warranty card and the service sticker located on the packaging.
Dial in idle mode, the device combination of characters *#06# and carefully read the displayed ID. Check its conformity with written on the sticker under the battery value if it were included in the model. Open warranty card, which is usually glued a small rectangular sticker with the IMEI mobile devices and check whether they match. Same sticker glued to the warranty card.
If you have already purchased a mobile phone, check the IMEI number with the help of special online services, available online, for example, (registration is optional).
Go to the left side of the page to the menu Number analysis tools, in the list of tools select Analysis of IMEI numbers. Enter in the screen form identifier of your mobile phone. Please note that this must be done in accordance with the following scheme.
Make sure that you entered the correct ID, then click on the Analyse button or press the Enter key while on the page spelled out the IMEI of your mobile phone. Wait for page load, and view data available on your phone in the right corner of the window, if they match, chances are your phone is original.
If your ID does not find any, recheck it. If again the result is the same, it indicates the use of the counterfeiting devices of cellular communication.