Causes of dog odor

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Unpleasant smell from dogs can occur for several reasons – improper grooming and an unhealthy diet. Experts say that different dog breeds have their own characteristics. Pets that smell more intense, and there are those that such trouble does not deliver.

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Every hair of the dog is connected to sebaceous glands. As you know, dogs don't sweat liquid sweat from the them is only in the pads. However, moisture evaporates from the body, it passes through the hair. If the dog's coat is contaminated, odor. Accordingly, the more polluted the dog, the more intense will be the smell.

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How to deal with the doggy smell

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The most effective way to get rid of the odor, regular bathing of the dog. When washing wool it is better to use special shampoos, then your pet will smell sweet in the truest sense of the word.

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If you do not have time for regular procedures of bathing, before purchasing a dog think of it in advance. It is proved that short-haired dogs smell a lot less than their furry counterparts. In addition, short coat requires minimal care and does not cause trouble during molting.

Pay attention to the diet of your pet. When an unbalanced or incorrect diet unpleasant smell of wool can not only appear suddenly, but increase my intensity. The main food for dogs is meat. To replace it can neither bones, nor dry food. If the dog is not getting enough vitamins, it directly affects so many systems in her body. One of the consequences of a lack of your attention can become intense smell of skunk.

How to remove odor from the apartment

From the apartment or clothes smell of skunk can be removed only by traditional methods – treatment, cleaning and washing. Additionally, you can use air fresheners. The apartment should as often as possible to ventilate. Before such problems did not arise, it is better to take care of the health of your pet. The smell will appear again and again, and time for getting rid of him would be better spent bathing dogs.

Sometimes the smell of skunk appears even with regular care for your pet. In this case, please note that it may come not from the dog's body, and her legs. The pads are sweat glands, so they need to wipe or wash after a walk. Odor can be a sign of health problems then visit the vet.