You will need
  • - Toothpaste (or a mixture of chalk, of soda and lemon juice);
  • brush for dogs;
  • - professional teeth cleaning.
Ask your assistant to hold the pet and assess the condition of his jaw. For this you need to pull the skin from different sides of the jaw and examine the individual sections. The main focus of the upper jaw, the back teeth and fangs – there usually is Tartar in dogs.
как почистить кошке зубы
Brush your dog teeth, because at an early stage of formation of soft plaque it can be managed the usual hygienic measures. Some breeders prepare detergent from crushed white chalk, of soda and lemon juice. It is quite effective, but may not suit your pet.
как привыкнуть к кошке
It is recommended to purchase at the pet store special toothpaste – it simulates a pleasant for dogs aroma and taste. Before cleaning, take a small amount on your finger and brush the gums of the animal.
чистить зубы собаке
Apply the paste on a large brush (preferably a special one for dogs) and hold it at an angle of 45 degrees, proceed to cleaning your dog's teeth. Treat the inner, outer and chewing for ten movements of the brush on each tooth. In no case do not move transversely to the tooth axis, otherwise, will bring pollution on the entire jaw.
как чистить зубы йоркам
Another look at dog teeth. If you remove the dark coating alone failed to have to go to the vet or professional groomer (a care over Pets). Traditionally, this is done under anesthesia, removing mineralized plaque dental mechanical tools. Then the stone is treated with ultrasound and polishing with special pastes. Before the procedure be sure to follow the required medical examination, laboratory tests and preparation before anaesthesia (starvation diet for 12 hours).
как почистить зубы собаке дома
If anesthesia is a pet for one reason or another are contraindicated, it is recommended to do a professional cleaning of Tartar with ultrasound. Call the groomer and veterinarians with a good reputation. Modern clinics offer such services in his office or travel to client's home.