Block the SIM-card of Beeline, you can phone 0611 (from mobile, the same for all regions) or local phone (974-88-88 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg 740-60-00, phones in other cities, you can check on the website). You can also block a number directly on the official website of Beeline.
According to the statement afterwards you can restore the SIM card and number with the preservation of your tariff. Most operators make the recovery rooms free. This can be done by sending a written statement via Fax (974-59-96 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg 740-60-01, Fax numbers in other cities should be clarified on the website) or by contacting the customer service Center. The form of a written statement can be downloaded on the official website of Beeline.
From documents you for blocking numbers will need passport details (for individuals) or legal address and tin (for legal persons).

To unlock rooms you should write a written application with passport data.

You will need to call the passport information that was specified in the contract. Therefore, if the phone is not registered to you, you first need to clarify the information on who was issued the phone. If you changed your name, indicate the old name. If you changed your passport, include the old passport data.