You will need
  • the phone connected to the network "Beeline", a computer with Internet access
Range of services of the mobile operator "Beeline" suggests that the old card lock means automatically and receive the same new one. However, from getting a new SIM card you can not refuse.
In any case, in order to block the SIM card "Beeline", you must notify the employees of the company. This can be done by calling +7(495)974-88-88. You can also block the old card and at the same time to confirm the delivery of a new (or refuse to replace) on the official website of the operator. For this you need to enter the "online store", find the section "replacing the SIM card" and enter in a special form, your phone number, SIM card that you want to block your contact details (information on how to contact you after you block a SIM card of your mobile phone) and information from the passport.
On the website States that by clicking "Continue" during the making of their data, the subscriber agrees to the terms of the agreement. The text of the document can also be found on the official website of "Beeline". In particular, under "Terms of service" it is reported that when applying via the Internet, subscriber must complete an online form to receive a new SIM card and send before the end of the generated order to the employees of the company. After receiving the information, the employees of "Beeline" should call the client and coordinate with him the details of the old lock and get a new SIM card (including date and time of exchange of the SIM card). In addition, it is noted that a subscriber can opt out of receiving a new SIM card or order a SIM card with some changes - first of all, to choose another tariff plan.