You will need
  • - adapters or signal amplifier analog antenna.
To improve the analog signal coming into your TV, use a signal booster, which you can buy at points of sale of household appliances and electronics. They are quite easy to install, have a complete user manual and instructions for connecting, but be careful – despite all these advantages, there are also negative sides. One of them is the wrong setting amplifier capable of producing the effect opposite of the desired effect. Because leave the installation to professionals.
If the reception quality of the analog signal has fallen during the use of the antenna will improve it by checking the integrity of the cable in your house and correcting faults that are found. Please note that the cable must be placed so that it does not touch the door in the opening when you open that it was not under heavy items and have not been subjected to any other mechanical stress, which is able to damage it.
For heavily damaging the antenna cable, use the special adapter. Cut the damaged site, on both sides of the adapter insert the wires into the special connectors.
Pay attention to the type of your cable, because poorly shielded can not help to improve the quality of the received analog signal, replace them with other and then check the image quality. Please note that in some cases the analog signal to improve cannot, we can only benefit from digital TV. This is possible, for example, if you are on a fairly remote distance from the TV tower (about 30 kilometers or more). If you are while in sparsely populated points, make sure that the level of the digital signal there will not be worse than analog.