Advice 1: How to increase indoor antenna

The quality of picture and sound of TV programs depends on the ability of the antenna to receive the signal. If the antenna is not strong enough or placed incorrectly, then there can be no question of a good picture or sound.
How to increase indoor antenna
Note the location of the antenna. An important role in the reception of the signal plays and the height at which the antenna is located. It does not matter whether it is radio or television. To enhance the indoor antenna, place it as high as possible. If the telescopic antenna for best signal reception it should be fully disclosed.
See where a directional antenna. If between it and the signal source there are obstacles, of course, reception will be poor. Try to place the antenna so that her path was not a large tree, tall buildings, power lines or any other design, can seriously interfere with the signal reception. Thus you can strengthen the antenna.
Use the booster antenna to make the antenna more powerful. This is a special device, which makes the signal reception. Also try to use an additional ground wire. The power to the antenna this will not change, but the signal will be clearer. Any antenna is an open oscillating circuit. The larger the area of a contour, the greater ability of the signal reception it has. The antenna can be any long wire. Clip it to your indoor antenna. This will increase its area, and hence power.
Use last resort, if none of the above methods did not help. Replace the indoor antenna outside. External antenna is much better suited to high-quality signal reception, especially as there is a lot more options to configure. Point the external antenna in an optimum signal receiving direction. This will save you from the need to constantly adjust it, as it often happens in the case of operating an indoor antenna.

Advice 2: How to increase antenna reception

The quality of television and radio signal does not always satisfy the viewers and listeners. Moreover, interference can be the case even when there seems to be a bigger antenna. In order to improve the quality of reception, the antenna should be configured correctly.
The sensitivity of the antenna largely depends on the effective height
You will need
  • coaxial cable, portable radios or mobile phones.
Effective height of the antenna is one of the most important parameters that determine its sensitivity. Therefore, to improve reception , raise the antenna as high as possible above the ground, regardless of whether it is on radio or television.
If the antenna is aimed, try to reinstall it so that between it and the signal source there is no interference. Such obstacles can be tall buildings or other structures, power lines and so on. You can try to fine-tune the direction to the source signal. You can use the assistance of an observer, a control signal at the receiver. For communication it is possible to use a portable radio or mobile phone.
If you have a directional antenna with a flat polarization (type "Wave channel" and the like), check the polarization of the received signal. Configure it according to the data obtained. For this you need to rotate the antenna about an axis aimed at the signal source. Often simply try to rotate your antenna by 90°.
The efficiency of the antenna can be improved by the antenna amplifier. But in this case, the gain limit is set by the noise level. To reduce their level use shielded reduced, that is, the antenna is best to connect using coaxial cable.
The efficiency of the antenna, especially when receiving long, medium and short wavelengths can be improved by installing additional ground. It should also be borne in mind that the antenna must be matched in impedance to the input circuit of the radio. That is, it is necessary to connect the type and brand of cable recommended in the instructions to the receiver or TV.
Antenna long, medium and short waves can be a piece of wire lengths. The suspension point of such antennas is also recommended, based on the highest volume receiving the desired stations. It is necessary to change the position of the antenna.
Useful advice
If we are talking about indoor antenna, the best solution is to install a fixed external antenna. This will dramatically improve the quality of reception. Are also external antenna it is recommended to connect the portable mobile radios and televisions during their operation at steady-state conditions.

Advice 3: How to make an antenna booster

Receiver, operating on ultra-short waves, have become a common phenomenon. We use a radio at home, in the country and even in the car. But when you delete from a broadcasting station signal quality deteriorates considerably. It is not always possible to establish an efficient receiving antenna, so the solution is to use an antenna amplifier. If you know how to handle a soldering iron and understand fundamental electronic circuits, you will be able to make such an amplifier with his own hands.
How to make an antenna booster
Familiarize yourself with the concept of the antenna amplifier. It is made on a low noise transistor that provides a gain of about 20 dB. At the entrance of cascaded low pass filters with a cutoff frequency of 115... 120 MHz and high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 60... 65 MHz. This allows you to amplify the signals of broadcasting stations operating in the VHF range.
Make a list of the required parts. In addition to the transistor you will need a few resistors and capacitors, and inductors. The parameters of the elements shown in the figure to step 1.
Take the transistor type КТ3120А or КТ368А (the second option is less preferable). It is desirable to use the device imported capacitors with similar parameters of the domestic K10-17. Resistors types of MLT, C2-33 to the amplifier will be quite apt. Wrap coils of wire sew, using a mandrel with a diameter of 4 mm. Spool contains 3.5 coils L1 and L2 and 4.5 turns of wire.
If you plan to use the amplifier in a car the receiver, add in a scheme of two relays and an additional filter for food. When power is applied, both relays include an amplifier between the antenna and receiver. When power is off the receiver input is connected with the antenna. Version of the car amplifier will definitely provide the metal body.
Prepare for the installation of elements of the device printed circuit Board made of fiberglass, foil on both sides. Figure printed tracks may be different (depending on your chosen layout details). The second side of the Board Express metallic and connect the foil on the circuit with the common conductor of the top side. Cost for automotive embodiment of the amplifier run more elongated, so it was able to easily accommodate the power supply filter and relay.
Assembled amplifier turn on between the receiver input and antenna socket, wherein the compound is run as short as possible shielded cable. When installing the unit in the car, place it near the receiver in a shielded casing.
Check out how effectively the device amplifies the signal. If necessary, reduce the capacitance and increase the inductance of the coils (but not more than half). Keep in mind that in a city where the level of radio signals is high, the antenna amplifier should be switched off to avoid signal distortion.

Advice 4: How to increase antenna signal

To improve the quality of the received image and to catch previously inaccessible channels, do not have to buy a new powerful antenna. The receiving ability of the antenna depends on various external factors, from shape and structure, changing which can adjust the image quality.
The antenna on the roof

Antenna location

The quality of the television signal depends on the location of the antenna. Concrete walls, metal fences and structures hamper the signal, so it's often a outside the house, on the wall or the roof. If you know where is the nearest transmission tower, the antenna should be deployed in her direction.

In General, the setup often requires a certain amount of time and effort. Need to move and twist the antenna, while continuously monitoring the image quality.

You can use two or more antennas to receive a clearer signal. They are located as high as possible, at the same distance from the switch.

Change the design of the antenna

Almost any antenna can be connected to dedicated TV signal amplifier. It works on 220V, to buy booster can in most electronics stores. For a correct choice it is important to know some parameters: the noise factor (it needs to be as low as possible, preferably less than 2 dB), the gain Ku (calculated on the basis of the presence of branching of the cable and its length).

Most often the antenna design is thought through, given standard air. You can edit it by using any metal object, a conductive current: wire, cable, balcony dryers, radiators, etc. are best suited aluminum and copper objects with a large surface area. Metal objects are not in contact with the antenna, by contrast, interrupt the signal.

Some antennas require a special configuration before use. You should verify that the correct frequency range on display to make a particular signal.

The effect of common-mode grille

If you take several identical antennas and spread them horizontally and vertically so that the phase of the signal was in one and the same, it is possible to achieve significant amplification. For example, if a single antenna gives the ratio of 7 dB, the double — up to 10 dB, consisting of four parts — up to 12 dB, etc.

Basic rules-phase lattice parts can be purchased or made their own, but not necessarily the same. It's important to "floors" and "rows" was completely symmetrical, with equal length lines, cable jumpers. Used for fixing frames made of insulating materials, such as wood or plastic.
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