Note the location of the antenna. An important role in the reception of the signal plays and the height at which the antenna is located. It does not matter whether it is radio or television. To enhance the indoor antenna, place it as high as possible. If the telescopic antenna for best signal reception it should be fully disclosed.
See where a directional antenna. If between it and the signal source there are obstacles, of course, reception will be poor. Try to place the antenna so that her path was not a large tree, tall buildings, power lines or any other design, can seriously interfere with the signal reception. Thus you can strengthen the antenna.
Use the booster antenna to make the antenna more powerful. This is a special device, which makes the signal reception. Also try to use an additional ground wire. The power to the antenna this will not change, but the signal will be clearer. Any antenna is an open oscillating circuit. The larger the area of a contour, the greater ability of the signal reception it has. The antenna can be any long wire. Clip it to your indoor antenna. This will increase its area, and hence power.
Use last resort, if none of the above methods did not help. Replace the indoor antenna outside. External antenna is much better suited to high-quality signal reception, especially as there is a lot more options to configure. Point the external antenna in an optimum signal receiving direction. This will save you from the need to constantly adjust it, as it often happens in the case of operating an indoor antenna.