By signing congratulations, you invest in a piece of their personal relationship to the person one is talking to. Of course, you should organize a congratulatory signatures depending on the degree of relationship. So before you sign a greeting, will appreciate how personal it can be.
If you are unsure of your abilities beautiful and unhackneyed to Express their thoughts, we recommend you to use the services of professionals. View examples of ready-made greetings for sites (a great many) and select the appropriate. Don't forget to amend it, so as completely copied the greeting can be used by anyone else, and most unpleasant, if this man time to voice it before you.
If you sign up for greeting, paper card, do it by hand. Forget about the fact that the cards already present greetings. To add your signature to a must, otherwise the card will look dry and formal, and greetings will Express disdain rather than respect and attention.
Virtual postcard will look more lively and interesting in the case if you attach to its registration a maximum of imagination. You can also ask help from a specialist who will make layout according to your sample.
In itself, the greeting is basically an essay addressed to a specific person, sometimes a group of people. Its structure always remains the same. Congratulations on the start of treatment, using not only the name but also the additional words, expressing your attitude to congratulations (dear, dear, beloved, etc.). Remember that superiors and colleagues in circulation should be called by name and patronymic, if your team is not accepted a more free form of communication.
The treatment should be the message, which is an event for which it was created. After the congratulation email the recipient their wishes. They are selected depending on who and what congratulate.
At the end of congratulations be sure to place the signature. To the name, you can add additional momentum, such as "sincerely, ...", "Always yours...", etc. Signed at the end of the congratulations is necessary in order that it will not be forgotten or left to lie as an appeal from an unknown person.