You will need
  • card;
  • - flowers;
  • - a gift.
If you look closely at the assortment, 50-year-old man, you can also pick up a postcard. It can be depicted landscapes, reproductions of paintings by famous artists, sets of objects associated with a successful person – cell phone, pen, cufflinks, tie, map of the world. Try to keep on the card was not drawn the money – some of it might offend. You can give a man for an anniversary and a card with flowers – daisies, gerberas, irises, chrysanthemums.
Congratulations on the fiftieth anniversary of you can find as numerous online portals with poems for any occasion, and to invent his own. In any case, try to fit the celebrant. So, the ambitious 50 years is not worth much more likely to retire, and the man who dreams to retire to do the cottage and the grandkids, not wanting career heights. Choosing a ready-made greetings, don't forget about the chain of command and your relationship with the celebrant. It is not necessary to congratulate the head with the words "Buddy, you knocked fifty dollars!"
Contrary to popular belief, men still give flowers. The choice is more narrow than for women. Traditional men's colors are considered to be clove, but it is unlikely that such a bouquet would be appropriate to look at the ceremony. Give the celebrant can Calla lilies, gladioli, gerberas, chrysanthemums, and even roses. Pay particular attention to color composition. Pastel color Express for women, fifty men need to give bright colors – orange, red, maroon, purple, blue. If the anniversary does not involve lavish celebrations, give a man a flower with a large bloom and long stem.
So, you have almost everything ready for the celebration of the jubilee. If you just want to do something nice for a friend or colleague – limit to a card and flowers. If you are invited to a festive event, you must be present. Do not skimp in this situation, present the celebrant a good and expensive thing, because he deserved it.