You will need
  • Knife, flat screwdriver.
Start with the Stripping of the desired cable end from the outer plastic insulation. To do this, measure and mark a distance equal to a half inch is about 12.5 mm. This can be done with a ruler, and is attached to the cable ferrule. If the inside of the braid along with the connecting wires placed nylon thread, use it - pull in the direction from the end of the cable and a little sideways so to rip open the plastic insulation at the desired length. This method ensures against damage to the insulation of wires inside the braid. If a special yarn is not in your cable, carefully do this with a knife.
Rasplatita all four twisted pairs and arrange the transactions in a sequence corresponding to the type of connection for communication between two computers it must be not the same as, for example, to connect a network card to the router. Pre-straighten these wires, insert each one into the corresponding groove of the tip, and then slide until it stops. While the sharp inner edge of the contact tip will penetrate the plastic braid each transaction and form a reliable connection. Such a device tip eliminates the need for Stripping wires.
Turn the tip of the clip away from you and with a screwdriver push the plastic in each of the eight grooves, locking in this way all transactions. Properly dispense the pressure - overdoing it, you risk breaking the tip, and insufficient fixation may lead to the fact that in the process of connecting the connector disconnected from the wires. After this, place the plastic insert into the opening at the base of the tip - this small detail should be included with the connector. If you have correctly measured the half-inch distance in the first step, the UTP cable under this hole needs to be unopened the outer braiding. The insert also push a screwdriver, fixing the tip and on the outer shell of the cable.