Regular phone Jack is decomposed into two parts:

• housing with five nests;

• plug with five pins.
The telephone line cord is connected to the socket housing and the plug connects to the cord coming directly to the phone. Disassemble the housing of the phone Jack and strip the ends of the paired wires of the telephone line.
In the case you will see 4 slots that can be connected telephone line. Usually, if you look at the socket so that the fifth plastic contact was located at the bottom, the telephone line is connected to the two sockets located on the right side of the body. Screw the wire fixing screws.
The lower part of the body attach to the floor or wall. The upper part also fix it with a screw in the intended place. The case is assembled.
Now you need to correctly assemble the plug. Disassemble it. Inside you will see a diagram of a repeating device of the housing outlet with the difference that the conductive pins go to the pins. Connect the desired data pins and sockets – this is the answer to the question of how to connect the phone Jack correctly.
When connecting the pins keep the connection so that the socket Assembly provided the contact wires of the communication line with the telephone cord, and the signal passed to the device.