The easiest way is to not run over by the calf muscles and to work hard over the appearance of this part of the feet. Plastic surgery uses two types of operations. In that case, if the legs look shapeless, by liposuction removes excess fat from the ankles, and the space above them, the calf becomes more visual at the expense of reduction of volume of the lower part of the calf. In another case, inserted the implants under General anesthesia in the back of the knee a small incision is made into which is inserted one or two (if the legs are too thin) implant of solid silicone. Traces of transactions through the week, and the result is for life.
To increase calf muscle "naturally", a necessary training. For the development of this muscle will require effort and time, as it grows it long enough. For the development of the calf muscle exercise, typically performed while standing, for example, rise on socks, but the exercises from a sitting position more strengthen the soleus muscle or the lower part of the calf muscle.
Exercises should be performed with the weights. The weight of the load should not be too large so as not to interfere with the right to perform the exercise. Underweight also cause the growth of calf muscles would go slowly. Optimal weight can recommend a trainer based on your individual characteristics.
Exercises should be performed in full amplitude, the speed of the exercise should be slow. Experts say that a greater effect can be achieved if you do not give the muscle to "unload" between exercises, and do a short pause in the position of maximum muscle contraction. Any exercise to increase calf muscle, should be regular and frequent – at least three times a week in the beginning. When the muscles get used, should increase the number of classes 6-7 times a week. Repeat exercises you need 30-35 times.
Well developed calf muscles Cycling. Alternatively, you can use an exercise bike. To avoid injury, pay special attention to stretching the muscles after exercise program to increase their volume. Stretching allows the muscles to regain their normal length.