Observe regularity. Here, as in any process, continuity is very important. Wrong one of these days to pedal for three hours straight, and then a few days not to approach the bike. To do better in half an hour, but every day.
Increase the load slowly, always observing moderation. Sharp loading, carelessly exerted on the body, will do more harm than good.
Exercise on a stationary bike competently. Training should be fun and leave easy muscle fatigue, not exhaustion and fatigue. Remember that heavy loads can be contra-indications: oncological and cardiovascular diseases, some forms of asthma, diabetes mellitus. Stop training on a stationary bike at the appearance of shortness of breath and chest pains.
Make a schedule where you will be able to do, and strictly adhere to it. It should be suitable for you, and match the characteristics of your body. With minimal weight problem start with the daily fifteen-minute workouts with an average load.
If you are more prepared and are aiming to get significant results from lessons, practice three times a week. Interval for recovery between workouts should be 1 – 2 days. The duration of training ranges from 40 minutes to 1 hour.
Combine exercise with diet. Use different training system. For example, maintain the same speed throughout the ride, or alternate periods of quiet pedaling with more intense.
Remember one of the most important landmarks in the course of the heart rate. In the pursuit of weight loss stick to a heart rate of 65 75 % of maximum. To determine it from the number 220 subtract your age.