You will need
  • notification by registered letter with the investment inventory;
  • - a new contract or additional agreement;
  • - an application to the court (if there are disputed issues).
In the preparation of the lease agreement to include a clause increasing the rent. If you do not specify, under current law you have the right to increase the rent once a year.
Compose a notice to the tenant. Specify the amount by which you raise the rent, terms, and also write down what amount of the rent will be after changes to the terms of the contract.
Send a notice by registered letter with the investment inventory. This document should reach the addressee not later than 30 days before the date of the entry of the new amount of the rental of residential, non-residential premises or land.
After delivery to the addressee of the notice you should meet and sign a new rental agreement showing the changed payment terms, or to make to the existing contract additional agreement in two copies for each party.
If your contract specify a different procedure for increasing the rent and the time frame in which you have the right to produce the increase, it does not release you from concluding a new contract or additional agreement.
If the tenant does not agree to make payment at the modified terms, you have the right to terminate the contract, as this is sufficient grounds for its early termination.
All disputes between landlord and tenant are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, namely through the courts.
Either party may apply to the arbitration court with the statement, with the original and photocopy of lease agreement, passport and received or directed by the notice.
On the basis of a court order can terminate the lease in force. Most often, controversies arise on the basis of a disagreement the tenant to sign an additional agreement, or to renew the contract on new terms.