Advice 1: How to sew gloves

In recent years it has become a very popular accessory as fingerless gloves. There are both female and male models of gloves. Manufacturers make them from leather, silk with all kinds of decorations or intended for sports activities.

It should be noted, to sew fingerless gloves, and at home, guided by the tips on sewing regular gloves. So, for a start you should read the recommendations on sewing simple gloves.

Now you need to prepare the following materials:

  • choose the fabric (you can use natural or artificial fur, leather) from which you want to sew your trendy gloves;

  • to prepare the paper, which will be operated patterns;

  • get the other supplies (thread, needles, etc.) with which you can make your model gloves.

Now you need to make a pattern on a sheet of paper, adjusting them for the size of your hands. Then transfer them to the selected tissue. It should be noted that after the fold line, the pattern should be reflected specularly, and cut out the element should the resulting dual contour. The hole required for the thumb on the second half of your gloves do not need.

Edge your products are neatly folded and sewn. This will allow you to avoid unraveling of the fabric and make your gloves look more beautiful and neat.

Then other parts of gloves without fingers sewn together using special marks on the pattern. Marked elements are combined and sewn together.

During the transfer the pattern details on the fabric for different gloves, it should be remembered that gloves should be mirrored accordingly, the pattern you must also place the mirror to the end of sewing, you did not have two pairs of gloves.

Your design solution without fingers ready. You can slightly change the pattern and cut. The edges of the gloves you can sew a nice ribbon of any color. Or Vice versa to make your creation look tough, making gloves out of the skin and decorate them with additional elements.

With these tips you will be able to knit fingerless gloves with his hands.

Advice 2 : How to sew leather gloves

Gloves first appeared in ancient Egypt, and in the twelfth century there is a new profession - Glover. This craft was very honorable, and gloves were worn only by aristocrats.

How to sew leather gloves
You will need
  • Leather, sewing supplies.
Try to sew the gloves on their own. Prepare flaps of skin: strut old bag, jacket or buy glove leather fabric, better lined with fur, this material is easy to sew. Pay attention to the top side of the fabric, so she was without stains and holes, because it will be the front side of the product. You will need two pieces of size thirty-five by fifty inches.
Download the pattern on the Internet, open any graphics program, where you can see the sizes inches. Tape measure centimeter of the width of the hand across the palm, fingers, height, compare with the picture. Adjust the pattern while preserving the aspect ratio. Print it, cut it out, leaving half an inch for allowances.
Fold the skin in half. Put the pattern on the front side of the material. Separately, find a place for parts of the thumb. Cut out the model using a special knife or razor. Keep in mind that the right and left hand are arranged symmetrically. You should now have the following parts: main panel, six intermediate wedges, insert a thumb.
Pick a strong thread in the color of leather (can work and thread contrasting colors), the usual strong needle. Start with the left hand. Sew manually between the two pairs of wedges end parties. Connect the wedges with the glove, starting from the base. Lousy wedges, periodically try on the glove on your hand, test the size.
Side part sew thumb seam "over the edge", leaving an unfinished tip. Attach the thumb sewn to the glove, the contours of the pattern holes, and the part itself should be the same. Cleave the pin, sew. Put the product on hand stretch, make sure the fingers are not cramped. Finished sewing up the tips of the fingers. At the end sew the sides from the pinky to the base. Trim the edge, the remaining thread.
Right glove sew similarly. If you have chosen a skin with a fur lining, make a striking, fluffy lapel. Need and exclusive thing ready, your skilful hands will be comfortable and warm in the new signets.
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