You will need
  • Computer, pen, A4 sheet.
For legal proceedings refer to the court a statementm about the recovery of the debt by the salary Board. To start collect the documents necessary for filing a claim: labor contract, letter of employment, passport, the INN certificate, which will confirm the amount of unpaid wages, the calculation of the amount levied. Make copies of these documents to the defendant and the third party, assure at the notary.
If the employer does not issue the necessary documents, distribuite them in court, putting in the statement that it is impossible to provide them because of the employer.
Statement write by hand or on the computer. In the statement, specify the name of the court you want to file a lawsuit. Write your surname, name, patronymic, address, telephone. Specify the name of the organization employer details and address. If the Respondent was the representative of the organization, specify its name and address.
In the text of the statement of claim state the nature of the violation of their rights. Indicate any payments you have lost, for example, salaries were not paid on time or in full. Details of the claim to paint clearly and concisely. Give your opinion, referring to the Labor code.
List the requirements, for example, "Please recover the arrears of wages" / "the payment of arrears of wages" / "moral damages". Write the amount to be charged money. Enter the price of the claim, i.e. the amount of debt. In the Annex to the application must include copies of the documents and a copy of the lawsuit. Date of application and signature.
Within five days the judge will make a determination on initiation of the proceedings, after which no later than two months, the judgment will be passed. To appeal the decision to the appeal within 15 days of receipt of the copy of the judgment.