Learn how to determine the gender of a small rabbit. Experienced breeders can identify the male or the female is already 2 weeks after the birth of the animal. However, it is important to know that a definite and absolutely accurate to determine the sex of a rabbit is only possible when a child turns a month.
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Consider the sex organs of the rabbit. The rabbits-males have not yet seen eggs, so you need to pay attention to the location of the anal and sexual openings. Females sex slit located directly next to the anus, besides she looks oblong. In males, the sex hole is quite small and round, and it is located relatively far from anal.
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Try to determine the sex of a rabbit, which is more than 4-5 months. Put the animal on the back, remove the tail back and carefully inspect the genitals. If you are a male, you will notice a small pink swelling of the testicles. If testicles not, try to gently stretch the lower abdomen of the animal. If you see a long slit in front of you a female.
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Rate the appearance of the animal. Female rabbits, as a rule, a little bigger, have rounded flowing lines of the body and a narrow head. In addition, rabbits can easily notice the two rows of nipples. Males can be slightly smaller, their heads are more round, resembling in its form a ball, and the body is stronger and more angular than females.
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Pay attention to the rabbit. If he often rubs on different subjects face, jumping toys, simulates mating, etc., it is most likely male. However, sometimes it can behave and females, especially in moments of great excitement or to demonstrate their superiority. However, males have this behavior begins to manifest itself already 5 months after birth, and females a little later.
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