Try to determine the sex of mouse at the age of 7-10 days old. At this time, the abdomen of the animal has not yet overgrown with wool, so the female can be observed secondary sexual characteristics two rows of nipples. They are well looked through; after two weeks of age overgrown mammary glands can be felt. Accordingly, if the nipples have a pet missing – before you male.
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Turn the mouse belly top, and the tail is slightly pull down. Proceed with extreme caution, as the skeleton in mice is extremely fragile! Keep the animal's tail vets is strictly prohibited. Examine the anus and genitals of the pet. It is necessary to compare this specimen with the opposite sex of the same age (if gender last known). The distance between the two bodies of females is less than males.
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Finally, the little mouse can see the future paired male organs (testicles) in the form of dark spots. When the male grows up, his testicles and penis are well developed. The structure of the adults is reflected even in the gait of an animal of the male sex goes a little waddling. Determination of the sex of the mouse will not cause you trouble.
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As noted, some fans of pet rodents, females and males mice can vary their behavior. By direct inspection of the genital organs "girl" calmer withstand this procedure, and "boy", most likely, will try to bite you. One of the sex differences in mice is a more pungent smell that is spreading around them males. Homemade female get along better with "friends". Males (especially if they are the same age and not neutered), are bound to fight for the leadership – even if next to them there are no "ladies".
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