Buy decorative rabbit with a pedigree or the breeder. In this case you will get documents that are already specified, "girl" or "boy" you are purchasing. We cannot exclude the possibility that the breeder made a mistake in determining gender, but still, it's unlikely. Buying rabbit in a conventional store, you risk to get a pet the wrong gender, even if the sellers assure you that own this information.
как определить пол у кролика
If you do decide to purchase a pet at a pet shop, buy rabbit at the age of 3-4 months. To determine the sex at a very young animal, but to do it yourself is not easy. When you grow up and achieving a Bunny 3-4 months in males, the testicles descend, and they are easy to see near the penis hole. Very young rabbits gender is also determined by the sexual organs, but true enough it can make only an experienced breeder.
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Flip a rabbit on the back, pull the tail and look into his groin. The male you will see two eggs. Need to know what the testicles do rabbits not like the testicles of dogs or cats. They resemble two bright pink swelling. Sometimes the owners even confuse them with the disease.
как различить кроликов по полу
To determine the sex of a Bunny can be and secondary sexual characteristics. Males usually smaller than females. However, the figure of the "boys" stronger. Females have a narrow head. On the belly in "girls" two rows of nipples.
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Some rabbit owners claim that to determine gender by behavior of the animal. Males are often more active, playful, while females are more calm. However, you should not rely on these signs - often males acting like females and Vice versa. And those and others are friendly enough to people, to care for rabbits is easy. So if you don't fundamentally matter which one to take - a boy or a girl, select the pet who likes you apparently.
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