Note that there are several ways to determine genderand Triton. So it is possible to distinguish visual, ethological, biochemical and special ways. We rely on a visual method, based on external characteristics of an animal.
кормление тритонов
Know that the easiest way to determine gender from newt during the breeding season. That's when this species is most acute gendermarketing differences.
как обустроить аквариум для обычного тритона
Note the presence of the ridge from Triton. If on the back and tail of the animal he has, then before you male. But the presence of the ridge to determine the gender of newt only in the spring during the breeding season. In addition, there are some types of newts that live primarily in Russian pet stores, which is absolutely never a crest.
тритон как отличить сомца от самки
Please read carefully the tail of a Triton. When comparing different species it can be noted that some of them have long tails - so you can distinguish males from females, but again only during the breeding season, because at any other time upthe floorvent buildup of skin on the tail of males is not.
как различать рыб
Try to study different kinds of newts that are sold in Russian stores. The fact that each of the types the definition of genderas dependent on specific features. So, for example, in males the so-called Spanish ribbed newt cloaca looks a little swollen, also, in individuals of male genderand this species has bright corn under the arms. And some types of beshegoch tritons men's floorand have racesgenderosennye eye special glands, so such to distinguish males from females can be a big head.
Remember that the surest sign of the definition of genderand Triton is the thickness of the animal. The fact that the males of any species are always much skinnier than the females.
Note that to determine genderand Triton and floorexercises knowledge of its contents and reproduction must read the literature or consultation with experts in the pet store on the cultivation of this species of amphibians.