The only drawback is the fact that they live on average 6 years, but can live with good care and up to 13 years. Remember, any home pet needs and care, so before you start, think carefully. Not after buying the Bunny to let go to walk freely around the apartment.

He may get scared, get hurt or just fall off. So find him a special home where he will live and feel confident. Create him so he could sleep, eat and just play. Don't forget while you clean the cage. When choosing a decorative rabbit it is necessary to observe certain conditions. It is very important that the rabbit at the time of purchase was more than 45 days. It should look well fed and groomed, the coat had no flaws. Check that the nose was wet, and ears without the RAID and symmetric. To check if there are any problems with digestion, view hair around the anus, it must be clean. Be sure when inspecting, take him up, to make sure it is not aggressive. The care of these marvelous animals is not easy and special skills.

The most important is to keep clean a house pet, while to feed him and to pay attention to him. If a rabbit has long fur that is sold in pet stores comb for rabbits that have long hair need to be brushed every day. Also they get scissors in order to trim nails rabbit. Make sure that the cage was a piece of chalk for the protection from a deficiency of calcium and tree branches for teeth grinding. Don't worry if you catch your pet eating of feces for rabbits is the usual action. Thanks, this is the best assimilation of vitamins and amino acids.

Usually rabbits eat a lot of 30-40 times a day, so watch his diet. Buy special feed and give snacks. Do not immerse the drafts in the room, the rabbits can simply catch a cold. If you suddenly decided to redeem the pet, then it is best to use plain warm water without the addition of various funds. After bathing be sure to dry the rabbit with a towel. At observance of these simple rules decorative rabbit will bring pleasure to you for years to come.