You will need
  • - ledge and the holder for the canopy;
  • canopy made of translucent fabric;
  • - braid or tape;
  • - fabric-companion for loops and strings;
  • - curtain tape;
  • - two buttons or beads;
  • - holders;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - hooks for tie backs;
  • - 2-4 rings on the ceiling;
  • - 2 wooden panel frame;
  • - decorative elements to your taste.
Hang the canopy over the crib with a special holder, which is sold in shops together with ready-made canopy. It is installed at the head of furniture, or on its back.
Top drawstring factory or homemade canopy is stretched on a removable cornice. To nicely tie the canopy onto the mount, use a decorative lace or nylon tape. A drawstring is pulled through kulisku.
You can sew the ends of the ribbons printed figurines of hearts-funny animals and flowers. Tapes are issued in the form of a graceful bow. Canopy it is recommended to decorate in the same style as the sling is to sew the bows (soft toys) at the bottom edge for edging or ruffles.
For a large bed it is easy to make an improvised holder. For example, buy curtain pole with rounded corners and hang it on the wall above the bed.
Sew along the upper edge of the valance fabric loop straps or loops for the buttons – they will be fixed on the cornice. Another option is a special curtain tape which nastraivatsa top of the canopy.
Valance with ties is recommended to combine with self-made fabric tie backs. They have to carve out a strip of the same fabric from which made the other elements of decoration: the rim on the lower and upper edges, ruffles. Smoothen the edges of holders on the sewing machine; make the clasp decorative buttons or large beads. Longer woven stripes, you can just catch the fabric canopy and tie it.
Reinforce the wall with the sides of the bed special hooks for the tie backs, which are typically used when placing window openings. If you need to open the canopy you can remove the cloth in holders on both sides and drape canopy smooth folds. When it is required to be close enough to undo or untie the linen strips.
Valid do not tie the canopy. It is possible if to install on both sides of the bed frames are wooden panels on the ceiling and fix 2 or 4 rings. Then will go back through the translucent fabric ceiling accessories, then to pull the curtain on the panel. Such a variant design of the bedroom looks particularly elegant when the canopy falls to the floor.